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  • Cluster of service in complex systems using Java EE.
  • Build applications for mobile phones based on iPhone or Android.
  • Work with audio- and video-streaming for both mobile and desktop platforms.

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Product Details

    VT800 android Touch Panel phone

    Payment Terminal
    Operation : System Android 4.1.1
    Screen : 7 inch G+G 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen
    Resolution: 1024x600 Pixel
    CPU : RK3066 Dual Core A9 1.6Ghz
    GPU: Quad Core,Mali-400 MP,Support OPENGL ES 2.0
    RAM : 1GB DDR3
    Nand Flash: 8GBa
    Webcam: 0.3MP Front Camera
    Wireless: Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth N/A
    HDMI: Support,1080P
    GPS: N/A
    G-sensor: Support
    Power AC: Adapter Input 100-240V 0.3A 50/60Hz output 15V-2A
    Video : AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MKV, WMV etc.
    Audio : MP3,WMA,WAV,APE,FLAC,AAC,OGG etc.
    Picture JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF.
    Card reader : RFID Mifare S50
    3G Version : WCDMA module (OPTIONAL)
    CODEC : G729 , GSM , ALAW , ULAW


    VT800 Android mini KIOSK is a new model of public telephone, in addition to the function of traditional public telephone, VT800 Android mini KIOSK can provide the function of payment.  It may take place ATM function at some countries or rural  areas.

    VT800 Android mini KIOSK  adapts Android 4.1 up working system.  It also increases another function via new innovative APP.

    VT800 Android mini KIOSK provides beautiful interface design and sensitive touch PAD.  It may provide with more wonderful public service of information via a good use instruction and verbal express.

    VT800 Android mini KIOSK also provide online purchase or payment service in addition to the RFID card reader or magnetic card reader.




    Now we provide 3G version which has the function of dialing the telephone and transferring the message and the RJ45 internet version has the telephone function by using VOIP system mode.

    Except telephone function, another suitable functions are as follows, but the most functions should be adjusted according to the local telephone service and practical usage.

    Top up prepaid function:  It makes the card revolve the use at the request of the client.  However the user can top up the money when it is used out.

    Account management: The function can let the user check the using record. 

    We provide the card management server something like bank account.  It has function of recording and checking the transaction.  All transaction records will be transferred to the server thru internet. VT800 payment terminal will download the blacklist every day and transfer the transaction record.


    As regards the top up payment of the mobile phone air time: There are some telephone companies in many countries using prepaid card, it is often very difficult to look up the top up payment retailer.  This function may let the user top up via VT800.On software, we can make it according to the local circumstance and at request of the client.

    here are two ways of top up payment.

    1. It tops up by VT800 payment terminal: Every VT800 payment terminal contains top up prepaid card which has the function of toping up the assigned telephone directly.  After VT800 payment terminal deducts the card amount directly via the card, VT800 payment terminal issues USSD number to top up the card directly.
    2. The server substitutes VT800 payment terminal toping up the payment: VT800 payment terminal requests the server to handle the transaction.  The server issues USSD code via gateway or GSM modem and then payment terminal will deduct it if it is okayed.

    The money amount will be transferred to the other user: It can transfer directly from the card holder’s paying amount to another user’s card amount.  It likes the transfer system of bank account.   All the transaction should be thru the high security of multiple check online internet and server.

    To pay the water fee by the prepaid card:  The user may pay the water and gas fee by VT800 payment terminal.

    The above-mentioned service frontend APP and payment gateway software are to be made subject to the local service provider with their software Protocol and special arrangement.

    Online purchase: The user may use VT800 Android mini KIOSK to buy the products provided by the system.  The system may deliver the goods as per registered address. 

    Mifare S50 payment card

    Payment Terminal
    Chip: Mifare 1K S50 (NXP original)
    Function: Read/write (protected by password))
    Memory size: 1K-Byte EEPROM (16 sectors)
    Frequency: 13.56MHz
    RF Protocol: ISO14443A


    Mifare 1K is accepted as the Market-leading technology ISO14443A. Mifare 1K smart card is a great solution for E-ticket, payment, hotels, access control and time attendance systems. .

    我們所採用的付費系統採用的是這一種卡片, 並且採用特殊的編碼加密方式, 更加提升了卡片的安全性。


    The Solution

    Mifare 1K S50 smart card is widely used in the secure RFID applications. The 1KByte of EEPROM is configured into 16sectors, so one single card can be applied for multi- applications. 

    Key features
    Dimensions: 86 x 54mm
    Thickness: 0.84mm
    Material: PVC, PET
    Surface: lamination (gloss/mate)
    Working frequency: 13.56MHz
    Reading distance: 6cm
    Data storage time: minimum 10 years
    Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C
    Stockage temperature: -20 to +65°C
    Package: 200pcs per Inner Box; 4000pcs per Carton, each Carton gross weight is 28kgs
    Printing options
    Full color offset printing
    Silk-screen printing
    Silver/Gold silk-screen printing background​


    Hotel key lock
    Access control
    Time attendance system

    optional printing:

    • Full color offset printing
    • Silk-screen printing
    • Silver/Gold silk-screen printing background
    • Personalization

    option for standard cards:

    • Magnetic stripe: 300oe, 2750oe, 4000oe
    • Numbering
    • Barcode printing
    • Signature panel
    • Embossing
    • Encoding (according agreement)

    Video Intercom for multi-channel

    Automation & Security
    Video Intercom
    Android Video Intercom
    • Cross multi-building
    • Wireless (wifi) XDSL 
    • Graphic User Interface
    • WebRTC / SIP Video support

    The Abstract

    In View of many traditional apartment, most of their audio talky system are old or non-operational. The set up of the traditional audio talky system is to be matched with each individual resident’s tele wire line system.If you do not maintain and control it well, it will suffer form fire hazard and any other safely cause.

    Our company innovated the gate video and/or audio talky intercom system which develops the internet connection method without needing to set up the complicated  wire line system, it just apply android smart hand phone or tablet computer and set up one set of multi-purpose digital video and/or audio talky intercom.


    The Function




    • May talk with the manger-
    • may talk with gate intercom-
    • door to door ,two ways of inward and outward video and/or audio intercom.-
    • may set up one way of intercom-
    • if the visitor can not find the resident, he can contact the resident’s hand phone directly.
    • the resident can record the visitor’s information
    • apply jpg system photo-
    • may apply mp3 system to use music voice as ring bell call-
    • may apply the automate sensor function when the internet is off. it is easy to check the system

    The Features

    • every body can handle it
    • Inter face, concise multi-purpose combined to one system
    • apply android system :it is easy to get it
    • No need to fit the tele- wire line
    • No need to set up the complicated tele-wire system
    • Use internet communicating method
    • No wire-line system,the rate of breakdown is the lowest.
    • even it breaks down,it will not affect the function of any other users
    • Cross Multi-building
    • User Interface
    • ommunity Announcement WebRTC / SIP base


    Software System
    Client : WebTicket Co
    Categories : Software System
    Website : https://www.webticket.com.tw

    OTA(Online Travel Agent)

    This system include lots high technology.

    The Solution


    The Result



    Categories : Game
    Website : https://www.talkmj.com/

    Web Game

    TalkMJ  is  a cross platform game.   Can play on Android, IPhone, IPad, PC, MAC.

    The Feature

    3D game, Users can talk on playing game.

    Cross platform

    The Technology

    HTML5, WebGL, WebRTC, Tapestry

    apollo ( Manufacturing Execution System )

    Automation & Security
    Date : November 2013
    Client : Company SA
    Categories : Web Design
    Website : www.example.com

    The Challenge

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    The Solution

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    The Result

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    Our recent activities and news

    • Hara Mahjong




      Java string




















    • Vector has been authorized for the highest API of Galileo!

        We have devoted ourselves into software market for a long time. With strong software and sturdy system integration technology, we now have lots of clients and supports. At this time, due to our network technology of the airfare online booking system, Galileo has been appreciating our ability. Except for surely protecting user's information, our mixed class system, open jaw system and extremely fast searching speed are all our outstanding achievement. Therefore, Galileo has authorized us for highest API.

        Only Vector has the authority of highest API in Taiwan. In the future, we can utilize Galileo other business, such as budget airline, ferry ticket, train ticket or hotels. After obtaining this API, we hope that we can develop and combine different kind of field in order to bring better environment of system. Besides, budget ticket enables users to buy cheaper tickets and have more choices!

    • Innovative and convenient booking system

      Web Ticket

        Using traditional online booking system often costs you a lot of time but you are not likely to find your ideal tickets and it really wastes your time. However, Web Ticket not only can quickly filter the tickets, but also can book tickets according to your special needs.


        Web Ticket features mixed-class and open-jaw ticket. You do not have to afford high airfare all the way in your trip. You can save money and make use of it in your trip! Open-jaw ticket also enables you to plan a more flexible schedule. There are many choices for those people who like to travel individually!


      Contact us:

      WebTicket: https://www.webticket.com.tw/

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webticket

    • Airfare online booking system

      We are seeking a partner of our online airfare booking system in your country .  A real online system can be visited at :


      Comparsion with the other online booking system , this system not only provide and list all ticket's prices , and also show the available seat for booking.

      This system also provides Mixed-Class function , That means the 2-way ticket can be different Class and different price and normally the average price is lower than the general ticket price.

      This system can provide more cheaper price than traditional travel agent ( around 6%) , and will grab more Marketing Occupication .   So if you have any interested in this platform. please contact with us. 

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    Vector Technology Corporation (VTC) is one of the leading suppliers of Telephony products in the world. Base on the experience in research and marketing of communication field for 18 years. We have completely payphone, VOIP, security and vending machine products. As well as the professional software system engineers team to provide the system integration.

    Today Vector is a Solution Provider company. We architect the solutions for our clients. We call ourselves as solution architects instead of software architects is because we provide business centric software architecting services. Being specialized in the product development, we realize the importance of having right software architecture. Software architecture is a blue-print of the software; it is a foundation of the software. Architecture defines major components, their relationships, structure, behavior and rational behind it. Vector provides solution architecting consultancy to fulfill the needs of all the stakeholders from the solution architecture. It generally includes technology platform, physical architecture, software architecture, network architecture with all functional software requirements addressed. As a designer and manufacturer, the request of customer will be fulfilled in the best way and in the shortest time. With VTC's experienced team, our engineers work to find idea solutions to meet customers' demand and make us trustworthy. We also look to expand our business to serve more customers and to provide better services . We greatly appreciate supports from the customers worldwide.These customers include some telecommunication companies owned by their countries, mobile telecommunication companies and private telecommunication companies.

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